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CannSell Ontario

Want to take your Cannabis Career to the Next Level? Check out these stats!

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CannSell has had the chance to be part of something truly special these last few years, and we’re proud of what our young industry has accomplished. 

According to the OCS, Ontario’s legal cannabis sales amounted to approximately 42 million grams of cannabis, totalling $307 million between April 1 and June 30, 2021. That level of success, especially during such a difficult time, is a testament to the hard work and perseverance of everyone engaged in compliant cannabis business practices. Congratulations.

Ultimately, the success of Ontario’s licensed cannabis industry comes down to you, the budtenders, so we’re here to talk about your experiences, and what the future could hold for your careers.

Cannabis Employment: Some Options and Numbers

Employment options in cannabis continue to evolve and expand. Opportunities are popping up throughout the growing supply chain. While we remain focused on the compliant growth of the licensed cannabis retail sector, some of these prospects are in cultivation, at the corporate level, or even in the fields of scientific research and product development.   

Vocational programs are now being offered at Ontario colleges to both start and advance cannabis careers. The common thread here is that knowledge is a crucial starting point towards continued success.

The truth is that the industry is still mostly in its infancy. With the increasing number of retail locations, many individual retailers are seeing less and less revenue. While the overall number of wholesale orders continued to climb, the average sales figure for each store fell to $342,000, (or 46,000 grams of cannabis), from $389,000 (or 47,000 grams) in the previous quarter. These trends are likely to continue, particularly in areas like Toronto with a higher density of retail locations.

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Tokyo Smoke 333 Yonge St.
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Tools to Further Your Cannabis Career

Thankfully, all of us have the opportunity to steer these statistics. It all comes down to knowing your product, and being able to make recommendations to every customer based on their needs. Having staff who can consistently deliver the best purchasing experience possible makes all the difference in an increasingly competitive cannabis landscape. CannSell is here to provide the education and resources that budtenders need to find and grow their careers.

CannSell’s Expert Level Certification Course offers extensive training on topics like methods of consumption, effects on the body, the history of cannabis, and plant anatomy and genetics, perfect for helping those new to the industry navigate their prospects for the future.

You can learn more about CannSell Expert here.

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CannSell Ontario

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