CannSell and Pax Labs Announce Partnership, Provide Update on Pax Certified Program

Toronto — CannSell, the sole mandated cannabis retail training platform in the Province of Ontario, is pleased to announce the preliminary results of its recent product knowledge expansion partnership with PAX LabsTM (“PAX”), a San Francisco, California-based leader in premium cannabis vaporizer technology. 

Details of the Partnership

In an effort to provide thorough vape category leadership and education to cannabis retailers, PAX created the PAX Certified education program (“the Program”), now availalble to budtenders, retailers, clinics, partners and licensed producers across Canada. In addition, CannSell and PAX are pleased to offer authorized budtenders the opportunity to access PAX Certified through the CannSell platform, with the goal of enhancing their product knowledge and furthering the authority, confidence and knowledge base of participants in advising on cannabis vapour tech and products.

Through this ongoing partnership and the PAX Certified program, CannSell and PAX Labs will continue to pursue the goal of increased product and vape category knowledge and leadership throughout the industry.

Report on PAX Certified

At the time of this writing, the PAX Certified Program has over 1400 graduates, with over 400 participants in the process of completing their certifications. Since the partnership between PAX Certified and CannSell began, the number of PAX Certified users enrolled in the Program has increased by more than 50%, and continues to grow along with the number of new graduates and participating retailers, clinics and other partners.

“Considering the pace of the cannabis industry and the high volume of new products being introduced to the category, education plays an unsurprisingly vital role. The PAX Certified program is being well received, highlighting the importance of category specific education — in this case, vapourization. Partnering with CannSell continues to help us reach the budtenders that inform and connect directly with our customers each and every day,” stated Shawn King, Head of Marketing for PAX Canada & International.  

“CannSell’s partnership with PAX is a great example of how high quality educational content can inform budtenders as the front-line gatekeepers of cannabis and cannabis accessory retail. CannSell is emerging as the definitive resource for leading industry brands to showcase their products in an engaging and educational way, keeping them top-of-mind with retail staff in their consumer interactions. The engagement that PAX has seen so far as a result of the partnership is testament to the effectiveness of CannSell as a product knowledge training platform,” stated Andy Deonarine, Director, CannSell.

About CannSell

In partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada, CannSell educates cannabis retail staff on the responsible sale of cannabis and the prevention of impaired driving, as well as their legal and regulatory obligations. The training also provides basic knowledge about cannabis to ensure those who are selling it understand the various forms, effects, and potential risks and harms of cannabis use.

The CannSell program includes a mandated ‘Standard’ version, and an ‘Expert’ version which provides a deeper dive into the science of cannabis and budtending practices. To date, more than 19,000 individuals  have completed the Standard program to become certified to work in licensed retail stores in Ontario. 

Learn more about CannSell’s commitment to excellence in cannabis education programs for improved retailer and customer experiences by visiting

About PAX Labs

Headquartered in San Francisco, PAX Labs is an industry pioneer in premium cannabis vapourizer technology, with award-winning devices for both oil concentrates and flower. Counting over two million devices sold, PAX Labs has revolutionized the consumer experience through innovation and product design that takes the guesswork out of cannabis and delivers quality, safety and predictability. 
To learn more about the benefits of brand partnerships with CannSell, click here.

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