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CannSell Ontario

CannSell Services & Opportunities

  • Self-directed Online Learning Modules
  • For Groups, Organizations, Corporations, Employment & Job Training centres
  • Bundle pricing & volume discounts available

  • Instructor-led live training for groups of 10-30
  • Conducted via Webinar, or Seminar
  • 8 Hour immersive & interactive course
  • Combines CannSell Standard + Expert curriculum
  • Provides full CannSell certification and membership benefits

Gold Badge Generic

  • For retailers who share our commitment to promoting cannabis education, regulatory compliance, responsible usage, community engagement and customer service
  • Requires all retail sales associates serving customers to be CannSell Standard + Expert Certified
  • In-Store Accreditation: plaque, sticker, certificate, POS materials
  • Gold Status retailer profile on CannSell website
  • Co-Marketing support via CannSell media (newsletter, press release, social media, etc)
  • Gold Status member benefits (discounts and exclusive access to events, seminars, research, educational opportunities, promotions, and more via CannSell and industry partners).

  • Sponsored Product Knowledge & Sales Training Modules for cannabis brands
  • Fully compliant trade marketing channel for B2B audience
  • Distributed via CannSell website
  • Exclusive for CannSell Certified retail sales associates
  • Unique reach against recently certified Budtenders entering the workforce
  • Supported with CannSell media – banner on landing page, tile/link on members page, newsletter, press release, social media
  • High engagement at low cost per Budtender
  • Customizable outcomes (completions, certifications, quizzes, promotions, surveys)
  • Can be integrated into larger marketing initiatives and campaigns

Rolf Dinsdale

CannSell Ontario

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